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EO39 Puente Piedra – Ate “Consorcio Via”

From the beginning, the Consorcio Via has been one of my favorites and it is a definite Ruta Recomendable. It was the first bus line that I encountered that does not have a cobrador, only a driver. In the buses they publish a chart with authorized stops all along the route. This is now copied by the NO101 “Nueva America”. The core of the route of the EO39 is Universitaria – La Marina – Javier Prado. This is one of the main corridors for public transport and on this route, you cannot find a better alternative.

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Barranco a the district next to Miraflores and is probably the most visited district after Miraflores and Centro de Lima by tourists. It has a beautiful seafront Malecon and it comes with its share of colonial houses. Some of them can be visited. An excellent option is to book a walking tour with LimaWalks. Barranco has the reputation of being a bit of a Bohemian district.

Barranco is a small district, and in terms of public transport there are basically three options. The first option is the north-south route from Miraflores towards Chorrillos (and vice versa). This route passes the Plaza de Armas and the Puente de Suspiros and a bit further towards Chorrillos the museo Pedro de Osma. The Ruta Recomendable to take is the yellow line SO08 “La 4SA”.

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a Bike Tour with 20% discount

There are various exciting ways to discover Lima. Obviously riding a combi is one way. Another is to take a LimaWalk and discover Lima walking. Or you could decided to go on a bicycke with BikeTours of Lima. Some people might argue that Lima is far too dangerous for biking, but this is absolutely not the case. BikeTours says on their own website:

“…the tours are carried out mainly over bike lanes, beautiful parks, wide sidewalks, one way streets and always on flat areas. That is what make our tours suitable for people of all ages and levels.”

BikeTours offers three different tours. One could choose for the Bay Tour. This means biking in Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos all along the malecon (the seaside boulevard). This is a tour of about 4 hours and is very relaxing. Another option would be the Urban Tour. This 3-hour tour takes in Miraflores and a part of San Isidro. An option which is only available on Sundays is the Downtown Tour, going to Centro de Lima.

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Señor Mark (Gringo in Peru) has a great story on his blog about the dance of the cobrador:

During these stops you can watch the dance of the cobrador. It is like a ballet as the van begins to stop with the cobrador swinging the door open, placing a foot on ground and doing a pirouette, as so not to fall from a vehicle in motion. As a final passenger on the stop gets their last foot into the van, the cobrador will  tell the driver to advance. Reversing his spin he will get back on the combi as it is speeding off. Then sliding the door shut and out the window again with his heads and arms: repeating the chorus of the route only to turn around and ask for your fare.