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IO06 Ventanilla-Villa Maria

The purple Ruta Recomendable is the one passing Jorge Chavez airport. This Orion combi has a futuristic appearance and is generally riding without cobrador. This means that you will have to pay with the driver upon getting on the bus. Orion is a big player in the Lima combi world. They have many lines, but the quality of the buses varies a lot. Their best line is the IO06, especially because it is passing the airport. All the combis on this line are either the futuristic model or even newer big buses.

From the airport you can take this line to Miraflores, but you will have to change at some point. I suggest to change at Salaverry with Sanchez Carrion (old name: Pershing) and take the NO02 “La Sesosa” from there. Other options include changing at Brasil with La Marina, Javier Prado with Arequipa or Javier Prado with the Via Expresa (but in all cases you will have to walk a bit more between the stops). The total journey might last between 40 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the traffic.

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Barranco a the district next to Miraflores and is probably the most visited district after Miraflores and Centro de Lima by tourists. It has a beautiful seafront Malecon and it comes with its share of colonial houses. Some of them can be visited. An excellent option is to book a walking tour with LimaWalks. Barranco has the reputation of being a bit of a Bohemian district.

Barranco is a small district, and in terms of public transport there are basically three options. The first option is the north-south route from Miraflores towards Chorrillos (and vice versa). This route passes the Plaza de Armas and the Puente de Suspiros and a bit further towards Chorrillos the museo Pedro de Osma. The Ruta Recomendable to take is the yellow line SO08 “La 4SA”.

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a Bike Tour with 20% discount

There are various exciting ways to discover Lima. Obviously riding a combi is one way. Another is to take a LimaWalk and discover Lima walking. Or you could decided to go on a bicycke with BikeTours of Lima. Some people might argue that Lima is far too dangerous for biking, but this is absolutely not the case. BikeTours says on their own website:

“…the tours are carried out mainly over bike lanes, beautiful parks, wide sidewalks, one way streets and always on flat areas. That is what make our tours suitable for people of all ages and levels.”

BikeTours offers three different tours. One could choose for the Bay Tour. This means biking in Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos all along the malecon (the seaside boulevard). This is a tour of about 4 hours and is very relaxing. Another option would be the Urban Tour. This 3-hour tour takes in Miraflores and a part of San Isidro. An option which is only available on Sundays is the Downtown Tour, going to Centro de Lima.

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Dateros and Time clocks

One of the most intriguing questions in the world of Lima’s combis is: who are those mysterious men that you can find at many crossroads that are shouting unintelligible code to the cobradores or the drivers (and seem to get paid for it even)?

These men (and women) are dateros (from the root “data”). They form a vital part of the combi infrastructure, because they allow the drivers to maintain the frequency (in theory at least, because it is not uncommon to see two or even three combis of the same line passing together). The other element of this system is the good, old time clock. This is a device where you insert a piece of paper and it stamps the time.