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EO39 Puente Piedra – Ate “Consorcio Via”

From the beginning, the Consorcio Via has been one of my favorites and it is a definite Ruta Recomendable. It was the first bus line that I encountered that does not have a cobrador, only a driver. In the buses they publish a chart with authorized stops all along the route. This is now copied by the NO101 “Nueva America”. The core of the route of the EO39 is Universitaria – La Marina – Javier Prado. This is one of the main corridors for public transport and on this route, you cannot find a better alternative.

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Barranco a the district next to Miraflores and is probably the most visited district after Miraflores and Centro de Lima by tourists. It has a beautiful seafront Malecon and it comes with its share of colonial houses. Some of them can be visited. An excellent option is to book a walking tour with LimaWalks. Barranco has the reputation of being a bit of a Bohemian district.

Barranco is a small district, and in terms of public transport there are basically three options. The first option is the north-south route from Miraflores towards Chorrillos (and vice versa). This route passes the Plaza de Armas and the Puente de Suspiros and a bit further towards Chorrillos the museo Pedro de Osma. The Ruta Recomendable to take is the yellow line SO08 “La 4SA”.

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a Free Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is the closest thing Peru has to a traditional drink. The base of this cocktail is Pisco Puro (pure), a spirit made of grapes. It is similar in taste to Grappa (Italy) or Palinka (Hungary) and a host of other varieties. I cannot recommend Pisco Puro, but the Pisco Sour it is a nice cocktail.

An excellent place to enjoy a Pisco Sour is El Bolivariano in Pueblo Libre. The High Resolution Rutas Recomendables Combi Map includes a discount voucher for El Bolivariano with which you are entitled to 2 Pisco Sours for free. So make sure to bring someone along!

Pueblo Libre has a totally different feel from Miraflores. It is worthwhile to make a trip to Pueblo Libre, if only for the Pisco Sours in El Bolivariano. But apart from that you could also visit the excellent Museo de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú. The museum is pretty much next door to El Bolivariano.

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In order to get on, wait at a paradero (bus stop) and when the Ruta Recomendable arrives, wave with your arm stretched out straight. They will normally stop, but if one passes, stay patient and wait for the next one, it is usually right behind.

While getting on, the cobrador will say “suben, suben”, informing the driver that people are getting on. The cobrador might also say “avancen”, meaning you have to advance to the back or to the middle. Slightly less friendly is “apéguense”, meaning that you have to squeeze in.

When approaching your stop it is customary to get up, walk towards the door (front door if there are two) and say “paradero baja”. The cobrador will repeat your shout to the driver. While getting off, the cobrador will say “bajan, bajan”, to inform the driver that people are getting off.