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OM23 Callao-Callao

The dark blue line, the OM23, is an important Ruta Recomendable, because it connects Miraflores to Centro de Lima through avenidas Larco, Arequipa, Wilson and Tacna. Together with the Metropolitano this is the most direct route to Centro the Lima as explained here. If I would have to guess which is the most likely combi route among the Rutas Recomendables that tourists will use, it is this one.

The OM23 line can be recognized by its light-blue buses, with bright stripes in orange, yellow and dark blue. This line should not be confused with the IO20 route, which also has light blue buses. OM23 is a Ruta Recomendable, IO20 not. The difference is in the approach to fleet renovation. The owners of OM23 are pursuing a commendable progamme of accelerated fleet renovation.

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Centro de Lima

From Miraflores the Ruta Recomendable to take to Centro de Lima is the OM23 (blue line). Get on at Ovalo de Miraflores (Parque Kennedy) or anywhere along Avenida Arequipa.

The ride to Centro de Lima will take about 20-30 minutes and will cost S./1.20 if you get on at Ovalo de Miraflores or S./1.00 if you get on at Angamos or closer towards Centro de Lima. The price of the boleto (ticket) is somewhat arbitrary, so you may be charged anywhere between S./1.00 or S./1.50. Never pay more than S./1.50.

Get off at Avenida Grau for the Museo de Arte de Lima (MaLi). From here everything is within walking distance. The next block north is Real Plaza, a shopping center that includes Starbucks. The Sheraton Hotel is also here, as well as the Estacion Central for the Metropolitano.

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a Bike Tour with 20% discount

There are various exciting ways to discover Lima. Obviously riding a combi is one way. Another is to take a LimaWalk and discover Lima walking. Or you could decided to go on a bicycke with BikeTours of Lima. Some people might argue that Lima is far too dangerous for biking, but this is absolutely not the case. BikeTours says on their own website:

“…the tours are carried out mainly over bike lanes, beautiful parks, wide sidewalks, one way streets and always on flat areas. That is what make our tours suitable for people of all ages and levels.”

BikeTours offers three different tours. One could choose for the Bay Tour. This means biking in Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos all along the malecon (the seaside boulevard). This is a tour of about 4 hours and is very relaxing. Another option would be the Urban Tour. This 3-hour tour takes in Miraflores and a part of San Isidro. An option which is only available on Sundays is the Downtown Tour, going to Centro de Lima.

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The smallest buses, which seat 9-12 people are called combis. Strictly speaking the middle-sized buses are called micros or custers. Personally, I tend to refer to every Ruta Recomendable as a combi, regardless of the size of its buses.

Most of the Rutas Recomendables have two staff: a driver and a cobrador. The task of the cobrador is to collect the fares and to open/close the door. The cobrador also shouts the names of the avenues the combi will pass. This is often incomprehensible.