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OM23 Callao-Callao

The dark blue line, the OM23, is an important Ruta Recomendable, because it connects Miraflores to Centro de Lima through avenidas Larco, Arequipa, Wilson and Tacna. Together with the Metropolitano this is the most direct route to Centro the Lima as explained here. If I would have to guess which is the most likely combi route among the Rutas Recomendables that tourists will use, it is this one.

The OM23 line can be recognized by its light-blue buses, with bright stripes in orange, yellow and dark blue. This line should not be confused with the IO20 route, which also has light blue buses. OM23 is a Ruta Recomendable, IO20 not. The difference is in the approach to fleet renovation. The owners of OM23 are pursuing a commendable progamme of accelerated fleet renovation.

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Most tourists stay in Miraflores when they are in Lima. So this post will explain how to get around in Miraflores. Miraflores is home to a number of sights, for example: the Faro (firehouse), the Huaca Pucllana (pre-Inca temple) and the Parque Kennedy. Apart from sightseeing, Miraflores is great for shopping. Many tourists head over to Larcomar (modern style) or the Indian Markets in Petit Thouars (indigenous art). A detailed map of Miraflores can be found on the back side of the Rutas Recomendables Combi Map, and all the above places are clearly marked.

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a Ceviche with a free starter

Every country has its own obsession. The British have the weather, the Germans have punctuality. In Peru it is food. First question asked to foreigners is usually: which food do you like? And to be fair, in Lima you will find plenty of good food. One dish that comes especially recommended is the ceviche.

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Historical Trams in Lima

I knew Lima used to have electric trams in the past, but it didn’t occur to me that old maps might have survived of this tram network. It turns out that they did. Allen Morrison has a truly stunning website about trams in Peru. Among other things the website contains a map of the tram network in Lima.

I was actually searching on the web for another historical map: the 1983 edition of Lima2000‘s Lima Street Map, which includes a Mapa de Rutas. I know this, because the other day I visited the offices of Lima2000 and they showed me their archive copy. Should anyone have more information about this map (the only example I know of, that maps all the routes in Lima), please leave me a comment.