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In order to get on, wait at a paradero (bus stop) and when the Ruta Recomendable arrives, wave with your arm stretched out straight. They will normally stop, but if one passes, stay patient and wait for the next one, it is usually right behind.

While getting on, the cobrador will say “suben, suben”, informing the driver that people are getting on. The cobrador might also say “avancen”, meaning you have to advance to the back or to the middle. Slightly less friendly is “apéguense”, meaning that you have to squeeze in.

When approaching your stop it is customary to get up, walk towards the door (front door if there are two) and say “paradero baja”. The cobrador will repeat your shout to the driver. While getting off, the cobrador will say “bajan, bajan”, to inform the driver that people are getting off.

As a good advice the cobrador might also tell you “pie derecho”. This means right foot and means that you had best get off with your right foot first. In earlier times it was quite usual that combis did not come to a full stop to left you get off. In that case, getting off with your right foot meant that you were less likely to fall over.

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