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OM23 Callao-Callao
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The dark blue line, the OM23, is an important Ruta Recomendable, because it connects Miraflores to Centro de Lima through avenidas Larco, Arequipa, Wilson and Tacna. Together with the Metropolitano this is the most direct route to Centro the Lima as explained here. If I would have to guess which is the most likely combi route among the Rutas Recomendables that tourists will use, it is this one.

The OM23 line can be recognized by its light-blue buses, with bright stripes in orange, yellow and dark blue. This line should not be confused with the IO20 route, which also has light blue buses. OM23 is a Ruta Recomendable, IO20 not. The difference is in the approach to fleet renovation. The owners of OM23 are pursuing a commendable progamme of accelerated fleet renovation.

Apart from the aforementioned avenues, the OM23 line also serves Surco Viejo through avenidas Jorge Chavez and  Ayacucho. This area is often overlooked by tourists, but the Plaza de Armas of Surco Viejo is nice and one can eat good Chicharron here. After Surco Viejo the combi continues through avenida Aviacion and Javier Prado, back to avenida Arequipa. From here it will go north towards Callao, passing Centro de Lima, crossing the river and onwards through avenidas Habich and Jose Granda. This part of town is unlikely to be of interest for tourists.

The complete route of the OM23 Callao-Callao is:

  • CANTA CALLAO (starting point)
  • Jose Granda (eastbound)
  • Habich (eastbound)
  • Tupac Amaru (eastbound)
  • Pizarro (eastbound)
  • Tacna (southbound)
  • Wilson (southbound)
  • Arequipa (southbound)
  • Ovalo Miraflores
  • Diagonal
  • 28 de Julio
  • Larco
  • Armendariz
  • Grau
  • Nicolas de Pierola
  • Balta
  • Plaza Butters
  • Jorge Chavez
  • Ayacucho
  • Benavides
  • Aviacion
  • Javier Prado (westbound)
  • Arequipa (northbound)
  • Wilson (northbound)
  • Tacna (northbound)
  • Pizarro (westbound)
  • Tupac Amaru (westbound)
  • Habich (westbound)
  • Jose Granda (westbound)
  • CANTA CALLAO (final stop)

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