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IO06 Ventanilla-Villa Maria
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The purple Ruta Recomendable is the one passing Jorge Chavez airport. This Orion combi has a futuristic appearance and is generally riding without cobrador. This means that you will have to pay with the driver upon getting on the bus. Orion is a big player in the Lima combi world. They have many lines, but the quality of the buses varies a lot. Their best line is the IO06, especially because it is passing the airport. All the combis on this line are either the futuristic model or even newer big buses.

From the airport you can take this line to Miraflores, but you will have to change at some point. I suggest to change at Salaverry with Sanchez Carrion (old name: Pershing) and take the NO02 “La Sesosa” from there. Other options include changing at Brasil with La Marina, Javier Prado with Arequipa or Javier Prado with the Via Expresa (but in all cases you will have to walk a bit more between the stops). The total journey might last between 40 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the traffic.

I normally don’t expect tourists or foreigners to travel beyond the airport towards Ventanilla. This is not generally considered to be very interesting. However, it is neither extremely unsafe, it is just poor, so be cautious when going there. The area has one of the few animal shelters of Lima. One can find there the usual suspects (dogs, cats) but also for example an ostrich. But keep in mind that animal shelters in Latin America are not what you would expect based on Western standards. However, the love of the people for these animals is genuine.

On the other end of the line, the IO06 goes deep into San Juan de Miraflores, Villa El Salvador and Villa Maria. This is also not really considered tourist territory. A visit is possible however. I have gone there with my photo camera and some Peruvian friends and nothing happened. Expect to witness unemployment, but also lots of commerce. These are vibrant areas with their own micro-culture. Especially Villa El Salvador has a reputation for everything ranging from shoes to (fake) antique chairs and cupboards. But I would advise against visiting on your own.

The complete route of the IO06 Ventanilla-Villa Maria is:

  • VENTANILLA (starting point)
  • Nestor Gambeta
  • Faucett
  • Aeropuerto
  • La Marina
  • Sanchez Carrion (Pershing)
  • Javier Prado
  • Aviacion
  • Ovalo Higuereta
  • Tomas Marsano
  • Puente Atocongo
  • Los Heroes (Pachacutec)
  • San Juan
  • Canevaro
  • Pastor Sevilla
  • Mariategui
  • Separadora Industrial
  • Maria Reiche
  • AVENIDA LIMA (final stop)

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