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NO02 Ancon-Surco “La Sesosa”
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The light blue Ruta Recomendable is La Sesosa. Its code is NO02 and it is running between Ancon and Surco, following the Panamericana Norte until Avenida Ugarte, after that following the avenidas Salaverry, Ejercito and Angamos. The last stop is UPC in Monterrico. I once took La Sesosa from UPC to Ancon on a Sunday morning and it took 2,5 hours.

La Sesosa is great for traveling north from Miraflores. But it is also good for traveling to the airport from Miraflores. One would have to transfer at Av Sanchez Carrion (Pershing) to take the IO06 towards the airport. The transfer at this point involves less walking then the transfer at Av Brasil with Javier Prado or the transfers at Av Arequipa (blue line OM23) with Javier Prado and the Via Expresa (Metropolitano) with Javier Prado. So I usually prefer to take La Sesosa, even though it might seem to be a bit of a detour.

Ancon is in the far north, beyond even Puente Piedra. Only 3 or 4 combi companies travel this far out. However, Ancon is a nice place to eat ceviche and take a stroll along the beach. It used to be a sort of beach resort and retreat for the rich people a long time ago. Now it is rather sleepy, but the sun generally shines and to relax it will do just fine.

The official code of this line is NO02, but it is commonly known as La Sesosa. The name of the company running this line is SEnor de la SOledad S.A., that’s why. It has distinctive colors, with its blue with gray design. Except the Surco-Ancon line they have 2 more lines. They tend to use their older buses on the other lines, though.

The complete route of the NO02 Ancon-Surco “La Sesosa” is:

  • ANCON (starting point)
  • Panamericana Norte
  • Alfonso Ugarte
  • Plaza Bolognesi
  • Guzman Blanco
  • Plaza Jorge Chavez
  • Salaverry
  • Ejercito
  • Plaza Centro America
  • Santa Cruz
  • Angamos
  • Primavera
  • UPC (final stop)

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