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Most tourists stay in Miraflores when they are in Lima. So this post will explain how to get around in Miraflores. Miraflores is home to a number of sights, for example: the Faro (firehouse), the Huaca Pucllana (pre-Inca temple) and the Parque Kennedy. Apart from sightseeing, Miraflores is great for shopping. Many tourists head over to Larcomar (modern style) or the Indian Markets in Petit Thouars (indigenous art). A detailed map of Miraflores can be found on the back side of the Rutas Recomendables Combi Map, and all the above places are clearly marked.

Miraflores is reasonably easy to navigate. In the center is the Ovalo de Miraflores, next to the Parque Kennedy. From here one can take a combi to Centro de Lima. The most direct route is the north-south connection through avenida Arequipa. The combi taking this route is the OM23 (the Dark Blue RR!, marked Callao-Callao). Roughly parallel to avenida Arequipa, also going towards Centro de Lima is the Via Expresa. Here one can find the Metropolitano, the new, fast urban bus. This is the other logical option for tourists to go to the city center.

Passing west through the Ovalo de Miraflores is the avenida Jose Pardo, afterwards extending into the avenida del Ejercito (the Army). This is the route of the Orange RR! (the NO101 “Nueva America”). Eventually this route will also go to Centro de Lima, but that is a bit of a detour, so not recommended. However, if you visit Magdalena del Mar, Pueblor Libre or Jesus Maria this is a good option. Also the Faro de Miraflores is on this route. Take the combi towards the Faro and walk back along the coast for a relaxing afternoon.

Five blocks north of avenida Pardo one can find the other important East-West connection: avenida Angamos. The Huaca Pucllana can be found one block from Angamos, for example. Towards the east avenida Angamos connects with Chacarilla (good restaurants) and Monterrico (horse-racing). This is the route of the “Sesosa” (the NO01, the Light Blue RR!). The Sesosa also goes to the city center eventually (and all the way north to Ancon after that), but just like the NO101 this is a bit of a detour. But for getting around in Miraflores proper these lines work well.

If you intend to travel around in Miraflores using combis, keep in mind that a journey of 8 blocks should not cost more than 0.50 soles (a China!). Sometimes the cobradores will make a bit of theater, but you can easily insist. However, if you want to avoid problems, pay 1 sol. The minimum price for a taxi ride is 3 soles, but it takes good negotiation skills to convince a taxi driver to accept that price. So, if you don’t like to walk, a combi can be a great alternative.

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