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NO101 Carabayllo – San Juan de Miraflores “La Nueva America”
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The Orange Ruta Recomendable used to be the NM33 line. Recently it has changed code to NO101. According to a cobrador of one of their buses, this is due to fact that since renovating the fleet most of the units are buses and not micros. So they had to apply for a new license, which was granted under a new code but for the same route. This story is probably correct, because their fleet indeed consists almost entirely of new, big buses.

The Nueva America (or Transnasa) is the 3rd important Ruta Recomendable crossing Miraflores (the others are the OM23 and the NO02). The NO101 is crossing Miraflores East-West, through avenida Benavides – Pardo – Ejercito. But essentially this line is a North-South connection between Carrabayllo in the far north and San Juan de Miraflores on the southside of town.

This line is useful, because it takes in the whole of avenida Benavides from Puente Benavides at the Panamericana (where this line crosses the NO01 “El Chino”) until the Via Expresa and then continuing through avenida Ricardo Palma to the Ovalo de Miraflores. This part is much used by locals. The next part of the route is following the seaside along avenidas Pardo and Ejercito until Brasil. This part of the route can be used to go back to Miraflores after walking the whole distance of the Malecon (boulevard).

From here it is almost straight north. First passing avenida Brasil until the Plaza Bolognesi (get off here for Centro de Lima). Brasil has a dedicated bus line for combis, but still this route has to be considered a bit of a detour for getting to the city center. After Plaza Bolognesi the NO101 picks up the route of the Metropolitano. After crossing the Rio Rimac, this route doesn’t take the Panamericana Norte (if you need to go there, take the NO02). Instead it follows the Metropolitano along avenida Tupac Amaru. But whereas the Metropolitano calls it a day at Naranjal, the Nueva America goes all the way until the provincial limit.

The complete route of the NO101 Carabayllo – San Juan de Miraflores “La Nueva America” is:

  • CARABAYLLO (starting point)
  • Tupac Amaru
  • Izaguirre
  • Panamericana Norte
  • Alfonso Ugarte
  • Plaza Bolognesi
  • Brasil
  • Ejercito
  • Pardo
  • Ricardo Palma
  • Paseo de la Republica
  • Benavides
  • Puente Benavides
  • Defensores de Lima
  • Prolongacion San Juan
  • AVENIDA CENTENARIO (final stop)

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