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EO122 San Miguel – Chosica “Chosicana”
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East of Lima is the town of Chosica. Chosica, with Cieneguilla, is one of the places Limeños go to to catch some sun when the clouds cover Lima. It is a great one-day get-away from the bustle of the city to relax at one of the roadside restaurants that offer barbecue and a swimming pool. This would be the place to eat Pachamanca, a traditional Peruvian dish that is prepared in a hole in the ground. LimaEasy tells us that:

“The district Lurigancho – Chosica is east of the city center in the valley of the River Rimac and is the second largest district of Lima. It’s “capital” is Chosica. Since the Trans-Andean railroad was built in the 19th century Chosica was a fashionable place for resting and partaking in leisure activities. At that time, many aristocratic families from Lima made the place their holiday home. And still today Chosica is a popular get away for Limeños in the winter months.”

The good news is that many combis are servicing the route between Plaza Grau in Centro de Lima to Chosica. The combis on this route are referred to as Chosicanas. There are several Chosicanas you could choose, because the competition on this line is strong and almost everyone is operating with a renovated fleet. Nonetheless the company I particularly recommend is “Sarita Colonia y Villa Sol” or ETRESCOVISSA. Their combis have green stripes and they have three lines running basically the same route: EO42, EO53 and EO122. On the Rutas Recomendables Combi Map, this line has a light brown color.

Its starting point is actually the crossing of Avenida de los Insurgentes with Avenida Venezuela at the district limit of San Miguel with Callao. From here it is a straight line along Av Venezuela to Plaza Bolognesi and Plaza Grau (this is where you can change from the Metropolitano or the OM23 Ruta Recomendable coming from Miraflores). Going further eastbound towards Chosica, the route passes Avenida Grau and then it is all the way along the Carretera Central to Chosica. This might take 1,5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic, so sit back and relax. Chosica is the end of the line so you don’t have to worry about missing your stop.

If you leave in the morning, you can enjoy the day in Chosica and get back right before sunset!

The complete route of the EO122 San Miguel – Chosica “Chosicana” is:

  • AV DE LOS INSURGENTES con AV VENEZUELA (starting point)
  • Venezuela
  • Arica
  • Plaza Bolognesi
  • 9 de Diciembre
  • Plaza Grau
  • Grau
  • Nicolas de Ayllon
  • Carretera Central
  • CHOSICA (final stop)

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