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SO16/SO18 San Miguel – San Bartolo
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The Green Ruta Recomendable actually consists of two routes operated by the same company, SO16 and SO18. They have the same terminal in San Miguel and they both go to San Bartolo, one of the beach towns south of Lima along the Panamericana Sur. The majority of their route is identical. However, in Pueblo Libre, the SO16 passes through Avenida Bolivar and avenida Brasil, whereas the SO18 goes along avenida Venezuela and avenida Arica. They join hands again at the Plaza Bolognesi in Centro de Lima and from there they continue along avenida Grau and Circunvalacion to the Panamerican Sur all the way to San Bartolo.

The starting point of both is avenida Precursores in the San Miguel district. The first part of the route takes you along the south side of the Parque de las Leyendas. LimaEasy says:

A highlight of San Miguel is the Parque de las Leyendas (Park of the legends), Lima’s main zoo. But it’s much more than that. It is located amidst a big part of Lima’s most extensive ancient city and is one of the most important pre-Hispanic complexes at the central Peruvian coast called the Archaeological Complex of Maranga. The park successfully manages to combine ecology, archaeology, education and relaxation. Have fun visiting!

After turning left on avenida Universitaria the lines split. The SO18 takes the more boring route north on avenida Universitaria, then east on avenida Venezuela and avenida Arica. SO16 goes east on avenida Bolivar and then north on avenida Brasil. In doing so, this line passes the Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera. According to LimaEasy, the Larco museum:

… showcases remarkable chronological galleries providing an excellent overview on 3000 years of development of Peruvian pre-Columbian history. Located in a unique vice-royal mansion of the 18th century built over a 7th century Pre-Columbian pyramid and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The museum features the finest gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru and the famous erotic archaeological collection, one of the most visited Peruvian tourist attractions. For an unforgettable experience, Larco is one of the few museums in the world where visitors can also choose to enter the storage area with its 45.000 classified archaeological objects. Its masterpieces are considered worldwide icons of Pre-Columbian art, after being exhibited in the world’s leading museums.

Frankly, it is the southbound leg of this route that is likely to be more of interest to the average tourist. This part of the route is following the Panamericana Sur all the way to San Bartolo, which according to LimaEasy is:

… a beautiful seaside resorts south of Lima. Located at around km 52 of the Pan Americana directly on the Pacific Ocean San Bartolo is known for its clean waters, small bays with nice beaches and perfect waves that are ideal for surfers. San Bartolo has a dry and healthy climate with sunshine nearly 8 months a year and clean air throughout the year.

For beach lovers this could be a nice day or weekend trip. But also for those interested in pre-hispanic archeology, this is an important route, because 40km Southeast of Lima one can find the Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac. And the SO16/SO18 is the route that will take you there.

From Miraflores the advice is to take the NO02 “La Sesosa” to Puente Primavera and there change to the SO16/SO18 towards San Bartolo. You have to tell the driver or cobrador that you want to get off at the “ruinas”. This is important, otherwise they might take you to the town and you’ll have to walk back to the entrance of the ruins. If you have the time, this is worth a visit and now easier than ever with the Green Ruta Recomendable.

The complete route of the SO16/SO18 San Miguel – San Bartolo is:

  • PRECURSORES (starting point)
  • Universitaria
  • Venezuela (SO18 only)
  • Arica (SO18 only)
  • Bolivar (SO16 only)
  • Brasil (SO16 only)
  • Plaza Bolognesi
  • Grau
  • Circunvalacion
  • Panamericana Sur
  • Antigua Panamericana Sur
  • Ruinas Pachacamac
  • Panamericana Sur
  • SAN BARTOLO (final stop)

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