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EO39 Puente Piedra – Ate “Consorcio Via”
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From the beginning, the Consorcio Via has been one of my favorites and it is a definite Ruta Recomendable. It was the first bus line that I encountered that does not have a cobrador, only a driver. In the buses they publish a chart with authorized stops all along the route. This is now copied by the NO101 “Nueva America”. The core of the route of the EO39 is Universitaria – La Marina – Javier Prado. This is one of the main corridors for public transport and on this route, you cannot find a better alternative.

On the northern end, the Consorcio Via has a terminal in Puente Piedra. I once visited this terminal to talk with the administration and it is well organized. Almost all their buses are new, with just a few older Dae Woo buses mixed in. Their administration appears well organized and that reflects on the whole operation. They do trainings for their drivers, among other things. They have strict dress codes. Puente Piedra in itself is not very interesting for a visitor to Lima, but on its way the Consorcio Via is passing a couple of universities. I have known quite some foreigners living in Lima, that are working as a researcher on one of these, so for them it can be recommendable.

The other end of the line is in Ate. In between it is passing “todo Javier Prado”. Where the Via Expresa and Javier Prado cross, one can change for the Metropolitano and where Javier Prado and Aviación cross (at the National Museum) one can change for the Trén Electrico, once it starts working properly. Beyond that, the EO39 is passing Jockey Plaza and the University of Lima, on its way to the end of the line in Ate district.

The complete route of the EO39 Puente Piedra – Ate “Consorcio Via” is:

  • TERMINAL PUENTE PIEDRA (starting point)
  • Panamericana Norte
  • Las Palmeras
  • Antunez de Mayolo
  • Universitaria
  • La Marina
  • Pershing (Sanchez Carrion)
  • Javier Prado
  • La Molina
  • Los Constructores
  • Separadora Industrial
  • Carretera Central
  • Prolongación Javier Prado
  • TERMINAL ATE (final stop)

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