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Barranco a the district next to Miraflores and is probably the most visited district after Miraflores and Centro de Lima by tourists. It has a beautiful seafront Malecon and it comes with its share of colonial houses. Some of them can be visited. An excellent option is to book a walking tour with LimaWalks. Barranco has the reputation of being a bit of a Bohemian district.

Barranco is a small district, and in terms of public transport there are basically three options. The first option is the north-south route from Miraflores towards Chorrillos (and vice versa). This route passes the Plaza de Armas and the Puente de Suspiros and a bit further towards Chorrillos the museo Pedro de Osma. The Ruta Recomendable to take is the yellow line SO08 “La 4SA”.

The second option is the route towards Surco Viejo. Surco Viejo is charming, especially the Plaza de Armas, but it is not particularly touristic. Nonetheless on this route one can find the excellent cevichería la Onceava. To go into this direction, your Ruta Recomendable is the light blue OM23 “Callao-Callao”.

The final option is to take the Metropolitano. This modern bus service crosses the OM23 Ruta Recomendable at Station “Balta” and crosses the SO08 Ruta Recomendable at Station “28 de Julio” (in Miraflores). Besides Station “Balta”, there are 2 more stations in Barranco. Station “Bulevar” is the one to get off for the Plaza de Armas and the Puente de los Suspiros. The other station is Station “Estadio Unión”. After that, the Metropolitano continues towards Chorrillos and Plaza Lima Sur.

Barranco is easy to navigate and with the recently launched Miraflores – Barranco – Centro de Lima Combi Map, you will have all the info that you need. This map contains a detailed street map of Barranco (and Miraflores and Centro de Lima). Furthermore it contains the 2 Rutas Recomendables and the Metropolitano information. And as an additional bonus, this map has info about some additional routes to connect Barranco to Miraflores and to Centro de Lima. This map can be bought for US1.

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