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OM57 La Punta – Pachacamac “CTI”
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Though Callao in general is not a very recommendable place to visit for the average tourist, La Punta is the exception to the rule. On the map of Lima, La Punta is the peninsular part, the appendix so to say. Especially worthwhile is a visit to the Fortress Real Felipe. According to LimaEasy, the fortress is:

[..] Callao’s main attraction. Built over 250 years ago to defend the Peruvian coast and the harbour of Callao from attacks of pirates, it is the biggest and most impressive of all fortresses the Spanish crown erected overseas. Inside its walls, hallways and towers a piece of Peruvian history has survived. Since 1984 the fortress houses the museum of the Peruvian army, the ‘Museo Historico Militar Real Felipe’. Take a guided tour and discover another part of the Peruvian past (it takes about 2½ hours).

Your recommended ride to La Punta is the turquoise green RR! OM57 La Punta – Pachacamac “CTI”.

Coming from Miraflores, one could take La Sesosa (NO02) until the crossing of avenidas Salaverry and Pershing (with all the flagpoles) and take the OM57 from there. This is your best option, because the both the crossings at avenida Arequipa with avenida Javier Prado (OM23 Callao-Callao) as well as the crossing of avenida Brasil with avenida La Marina (NO101 “La Nueva America”) are overpasses and you would have to walk half a kilometer.

When getting on the OM57, double-check that you took the correct bus, because the CTI bus-company operates 4 lines. They all share the same terminal in Pachacamac, but only the OM57 goes all the way until La Punta. This is supposed to be clearly indicated on the front, but it is easy to get confused.

After getting on (in the direction of Callao), the OM57 will run the full length of avenida La Marina. Eventually it will turn left on avenida Saenz Peña, make the turn around the Fortress Real Felipe and then continue for some 15 blocks more until its end stop at the Plaza Matriz.

In the other direction (towards Pachacamac), the route follows avenida Javier Prado until Melgarejo and then goes along La Universidad and La Molina until Musa, where it will turn right towards Pachacamac. Word of warning: this is Pachacamac, the district, not Pachacamac the archeological ruins. To visit the ruins, you need to take the SO16/SO18 along the Panamericana Sur.

The complete route of the OM57 La Punta – Pachacamac “CTI” is:

  • Grau
  • Fortress Real Felipe
  • Saenz Peña
  • Guardia Chalaca
  • Ovalo Juan Pablo II (Saloom)
  • La Marina
  • Pershing (Sanchez Carrion)
  • Javier Prado
  • Melgarejo
  • La Universidad
  • La Molina
  • Manchay
  • PACHACAMAC (final stop)

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